October 6, 2005

Laguna Beach


My parents took Olivia for a day and a night and my wife and I took a short vacation to Laguna Beach, CA, home of resorts and bad nature art. Walks on the beach. A romantic dinner. A balcony overlooking the ocean. Made believe we were rich people. It was nice.


gaijin said...

laguna is pretty gorgeous. glad you guys had a good time. call me next time you're so nearby.

Henry Baum said...

We actually thought about taking your number with us, but then decided to make it a private couple thing. We'll definitely be heading out that way again.

Joseph K said...

Nice view. Isn't there some inane MTV teen reality series set there? (rhetorical question?).

Henry Baum said...

That wasn't our actual view. I got that off of Google images. That view would have cost us around $500.

Don't know about MTV. One of the things about staying in a motel is we get to catch up on cable TV. Man, it sucked. Which is good because sometimes I come away feeling like I want it.

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