October 16, 2005


I’ve been looking for something to blog and then something drops in my lap. I took my daughter to La Cienega park on Saturday. We were sitting watching a soccer game when a group of paparazzi started swarming around a black SUV. Out came Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as they made their way to watch the soccer game.

In the novel I’m putting out, I write about a celebrity who is driven fairly insane by the constant attention of the paparazzi and celebrity itself. And it does seem kind of insane. The look in the eyes of the paparazzi as if they're running for their lives to get war footage. Dozens of them poised with their telephoto lenses while Tom Cruise just sits there. Really, I wouldn’t wish that on an enemy. Having your picture taken every time you take a trip to the park. That’s my version of a nightmare. Maybe the paparazzi are waiting for a bird to shit on him or a ball to hit him in the head or something. It takes a kind of psychosis to want to be followed by photographers all the time.


I was glad to see I got something right in the novel. Though I was surprised that the paparazzi were good-looking, both male and female, like aspiring actors. The paparazzi photographer in North of Sunset is more of a loser.

I walked around to the other side of the park. Crazy that I took a picture of Tom Cruise. Here’s what they were after:


The back of Tom Cruise’s and Katie Holmes’ heads. Fascinating.


Empty Drum said...

Paparazzi = Minions of Xenu

Empty Drum said...

How about this for a TV pilot: "Henry Baum: World's Worst Paparazzi"!

Each week you can get sent on assignment and come back with exclusive (yet boring) shots of celebs and peripheral persons--

"What the hell is this, Baum? I sent you to get photos of the Paris Hilton / Salman Rushdie wedding, not some dude standing in a parking lot?!!"

"That dude happens to be Tom Cruise's daughter's soccer coach!"

Joseph K said...

Even the back of their heads are sexier than me. Geez.

Benny said...

I catch myself trying to divine just by the direction their hair is blowing in the breeze whether or not they are truly in love. I think this makes me as bad as Joan Rivers.

Anonymous said...

only in LA.

Anonymous said...

can't they give him a break?

Anonymous said...


i was there I Said HI to Tom and He Said Hi And Waived back, And i said hi Katie! and she said Hi and waived back, they was sooo nice, that was deffinatly one of my happiest moments in life so far!
Tom is beyond good looking, i miss him, lol!. I Was the girl with the white top and grey skirt did u see me?

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