October 27, 2005


Congratulations, White Sox. Screw Barbara Bush.

And Harriet Miers. And Karl Rove.

Book’s about to be released, hopefully next week. It’s all I can think about. I want to start the next wave.

Amusing discussion of ridiculous band names at Metafilter. I never thought Marilyn Manson was such a clever name because there was already Elvis Hitler in the eighties.

I am listening to Sebadoh.


gaijin said...

are you at all worried that the miers nomination was just a front, a move to nominate the worst possible candidate that'll rock the nation, even his base, so that the person he REALLY wants, a true arch evil neocon will look so much better afterwards he won't have much resistance?

i am. a little.

i started my novel. so i now join you in the great hall of tragic romantic writers known as the novelists.

how are you?

Henry Baum said...

I’ve stopped thinking that Bush is Machiavellian. He’s just a lazy, insulated moron--the worst elements of America. I may be wrong but it’s better to have a conservative who actually knows the law than a pawn.

I am fine. Might have a job offer. Though I think I am being optimistic about releasing the book next week.

I want to read your novel.

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