March 31, 2006


I think juice is totally decadent. Like how many grapes does it take to make one bottle of grape juice? It doesn’t seem right. Juice seems like a Rome-like beverage. All those thousands of bottles of juice sitting in supermarkets. But it’s delicious. Soy breakfast sausage is also delicious. I ate it this morning. As are Gardenburger riblets:


They taste like McRibs. Some vegetarians stay away from meatlike food. Not me. I’m not a vegetarian but I try to stay away from meat. I don’t eat meat for both health and ethical reasons. I think it’s weird and bad to eat something that’s had a depressing life. Especially after I read articles like this one.


One our trip on I-5 up to Portland, we passed a feedlot: thousands upon thousands of cows. The smell didn’t leave our car for a long while, it seemed to stain our clothes. It stunk bad, we were fearing passing it on our way back. S. looked into it and found the expose about the place. It’ll make you feel bad about ever eating meat.


Writing Blind said...

Don't toy with me--do they really taste like McRibs? If so, I am all over it.

Joseph K said...

I was walking down the office hallway today, and saw this guy drinking a quart of grape juice in his office. Right out of the big bottle. It struck me as being really fucking weird.

Philofaxer said...

I think I know the feedlots you are talking about. My wife and I drove from LA to SF on I-5 a couple years ago (we had gone from SF to LA along the coast and just wanted to go fast on the way back). I have never seen so many cows, and they were absolutely packed in. It was also really dusty and hazy, which made the whole scene one of the eerier things I've ever seen.

Of course, a couple hours later, we had burgers at In-n-Out.

Empty Drum said...

I flat-out defy anybody to discern the difference, in a blind taste test, between a "Sweet 'n Spicy" flavored Slim Jim and a dessicated kangaroo penis.

Natalia said...

Want to feel bad about eating meat?

How about Ruth Ozeki's "My Year of Meats"?

Though I am still a carnivore myself, I'm not going to lie, that book really drove home to me the notion of just how vile the beef industry has become.

Empty Drum said...

Yeah right, like none of you have ever bitten the head off a live chicken before.


Anonymous said...

I've smelt the smell on I-5. Hard to believe there's such a place only an hour away from the mecca of vegetarianism. Cuz it rilly smells like rotting manure, dead bodies and ass. For like 5 miles. 100% evil.

Empty Drum said...

Based on an Olfactory Evil Index of 100% for the feedlot, that would place the interior of my Jeep at about 85% evil.

Anonymous said...

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Empty Drum said...

How do these spam 'bots get past the word verification thingy?

Or is there an army of morbidly obese, exzcema-devilled losers out there tasked with spamming bloggers' comments?

Does anybody know how this happens?

Joseph K said...

Thank you, Yuriy. Thank you. Thank you.

Trula said...

Meat is so gross. It's gross! especially Mcdonald's meat. but I like to think I'm long past the obnoxious better-than-thou stage. however...anything that tastes like Mcanything...oh my, I have no words, LOL

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