March 23, 2006

Two Things

I have another reading tonight in L.A. Starts late, past my bedtime. Info here:

Thursday, March 23
Justus Ballard & Henry Baum
will read and
Fleshpot and Space Mountain Solo will rock
Taix in Silverlake
1911 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

A nice mention about me and my dad on the Cantara Books blog. I wrote to Cantara Christopher at her site, Published in New York, asking about book distribution. I mentioned to her that my dad used to play in a string quartet with Stephen Gyllenhaal, father of a gay cowboy and a secretary. Cantara is publishing his book. She’s been extremely helpful all around. She sees no stigma in self-publishing. Mainstream publishing is too narrow and small publishers have too little money for their acceptance or rejection to be the final word about a book.


el diablo de verde said...

i would love to be there but am so broke i don't have the gas money for the hike, but do you have a bunch more in LA or OC? you have to email me and let me know.

(i changed my nick.)

Anonymous said...

My mind is my wife

Henry Baum said...

Ooh, someone's reading NoS and is pretty far into it.

Empty Drum said...

Finished it, actually! I thought posting that comment anonymously would be exciting....But it was kind of a letdown, and now I feel all hollow inside. Time to kill again, I guess. No, wait -- not "kill again"... what's that other thing? Oh yeah! "Sleep". Time to sleep.

Good book, brother :)

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