March 8, 2006

The Sunset Limited

I’ve started another blog. Letter from the Sunset Limited. Exactly one post long. As it says there:

This is a letter I wrote to a friend of mine on a train going from Los Angeles to New York for the millennium new year. I was setting out to work on a novel, North of Sunset. The letter was translated into French and published in the journal Les Episodes.

I had a really involved correspondence going with that friend of mine--he’s the one who just translated my first novel into French. Our letters were a sort of precursor to this blog, which I kind of see as a letter to people I haven’t met.

The book is not quite what I intended when I first sat down to work on it. I mention East of Eden. It’s not East of Eden by a very long shot. I had ambition, I’ll give myself that. When I got back to New York, I thought I should make the novel more plot-driven, rather than character-driven and episodic. So it might have a better chance of selling. Jokes on me. Most of what I wrote on that train trip did end up in the novel.

It’s a long one. Whatever works to get people to check out the novel.


Empty Drum said...

sunset limited haiku:

bright silver choo-choo
a wagon of lunatics
one man writes it down

S. Brent 2006

Henry Baum said...

You always make me do these internet things I don't like. Here's a punctuation face... :)

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