March 16, 2006

Road Trip

I finished a story yesterday. I'm really happy with it. It’s the first thing I’ve completed start to finish in a long time. I’ve been revising old things.

I love the Internet. The Internet is my friend. The NPR story about me is up.

I’m about to embark on a major road trip to Portland, OR with the wife and daughter. I’ve got a reading at Powell’s Books on Sunday. Go here for info. See you next week.


Philofaxer said...

Right on. Congrats on all three fronts. Have you decided whether your road trip will be to Portland or with your wife and daughter? [Har har har.]

[Apologize for screen name randomness. I just don't care.]

el diablo de verde said...

dude. i'm so stoked for you! reading at powell's? rarrr!

have fun on the road. you should try and get some of that really good oregon weed.

Empty Drum said...

Are you still here, or oregon already?

IT"S A PUN!!!!!

Benny said...

H Baum, I got your book! I'm reading it at lunch (it replaced Menander and Aristophanes).

Have a safe trip and best of luck up in Oregon. You must post about Powell's when you come home. It's so glamorous online, you know...


Philofaxer said...

I'm patiently awaiting a report on the reading. In the meantime, I now have both of your current works in my paws, but haven't dug into either. Soon, though.

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