March 22, 2006


Back from Portland. A nice trip. Just hitting the road, staying in motel rooms, and eating cheap diner food was a nice vacation. Somewhat grueling, seven hours a day driving. Which doesn’t sound like that much. When I was younger, I might have driven 14 hours straight. Harder with Olivia in the back seat. She was great. Played hide and seek in motel rooms. On the way back she got sick--threw up on herself beneath Mt. Shasta.


It was the closest thing I’ve done to a rock tour in a long time, except with my wife and child. The reading at Powells went well. I read the story I wrote last week. If it failed, I could say, it’s brand new, it hasn’t even been through a revision. But people seemed to like it, they laughed, which is basically the only way to tell if people are paying attention. No pictures from the reading, so far as I know. Here’s a generic picture of Powells:


Took Olivia to the Children’s Museum in Portland. Went to Lewis and Clark College where I spent my freshman year. Olivia got to see snow for the first time in her life, at a rest stop.


We’ve thought about moving to Portland. Cheaper rent, fewer L.A. people. It’s a beautiful city. In L.A., everything’s five times harder than it needs to be--even just going to the supermarket. This city can seem against you if you’re not careful. It can be a 45 minute drive to my brother who doesn’t live that far away. You can get your head around a place like Portland. Cept that would mean leaving family to be in a place where we don’t know many people, don’t have jobs, and don’t have a place to live. We’re really just entertaining the thought, which is good those days when we feel Los Angeles hates us. I think we’ve got more L.A. living in us. We still want to make a home here.

I am tired.

I could have blogged from the road but I wanted to have a vacation from the computer. It’s good to be back.


Empty Drum said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you all had a good time. Please email sometime.

Natalia said...

Hey! Liv is a cutie. Love Powells. Don't know L.A., but I'd probably end up getting a ton of plastic surgery if I stay there for over a week. Or so my TV tells me...

Philofaxer said...

Wow. Olivia is really cute. Too bad your head partially blocks her.

It's so strange to think that some people go years without seeing snow. I've always lived in places where winter guaranteed at least some snow, and usually lots of snow.

Yet, despite that, I've never been skiing. Chalk that up to flat environs and a family that never took vacations.

Natalia said...

Yeah, seriously, dude, next time, get out of the shot. Let us see more Olivia. :)))

chuck said...

Portland is the answer. I know, I used to live in Lancaster, CA then Santa Cruz, CA.

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