March 10, 2006


This is cool. I’m going to be on NPR’s Open Mic program. Down the Rabbit Hole. I had to record a 45-second intro. I’ll mention it again when they tell me when it’s going to be on.


Empty Drum said...

That's exciting news! You are downright prolific these days; market be damned!

Natalia said...

Congratulations, Henry. :)

Please take care of yourself and don't let the man get you down. You are extremely gifted, no matter what.

When I look for inspiration, I look to Henry Baum.

Empty Drum said...

Singularity Got You Feeling Obsolete?

Emperor's Cheap Shoes Wearing Holes In Your Feet?

Don't Eat The Gun, Pete!



Now in convenient spray form!

Henry Baum said...

Wow. Thanks a lot, Natalia.

Empty, that's a very ubiquitous comment.

Empty Drum said...


Benny said...

I love that song!! That's so cool!

Speaking of which, where the hell is my book?

(Just kidding- I only ordered it a few days ago. I'm just impatient.)

I can read simple French. Like, Camus. I should probably read the book in English, first, though.



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