November 8, 2005

I Didn't Know

I like this picture. Recording in North Carolina:


New song. Actually, a fairly old song that I wrote for my wife, then girlfriend. I didn’t get around to recording it decently until last week, for our anniversary. Bittersweet, again, but that’s what comes outta me.

I Didn't Know

I have it my mind to do a lot of recording now. Once the novel is out of the way, which is imminent (hopefully) I’m going to concentrate on recording. Been getting the urge. I should be getting more into songwriting while I’m young. I can write fiction when I’m old and gray. Not that I’m dropping out of fiction writing, but one deep obsession at a time is enough. If I write fiction, I'll probably stick with writing stories.

I have to figure out how to make my recording more atmospheric--which is fairly hard to do with eight tracks. My recording thus far has been pretty basic, just getting the songs down. They’re like the idea of the song, not a complete recording. I’ve always had the fantasy that these were demo recordings that ONE day I’d take into the studio with a producer and make them 3-dimensional. Might never happen, so I need to spend more time getting the songs down. I should figure out how to record on the computer, but I really don’t want another reason to stay on the computer.

Also getting the urge to want to be in the world, rather than hide from it. Working on this novel has kept me secluded, again. Music is social. Want to meet some receptive people in this damn city. These are my thoughts today. May change tomorrow.


Empty Drum said...

Great harpsichord-like guitar! And there's some cool dramatic variation, it's hard to figure out whether it's a happy song or a sad song. Though that may be an arbitrary distinction when discussing the H Baum Canon :)

If you want more atmosphere in your recordings, try recording acoustic guitar and vocals in the bathtub -- and point the mic at the tile wall instead of towards you. Instant Phil Spector! Crank the recording level WAY up, too.

Of course for an open sound the best is to mic everything instead of going direct, but that might not work if you have cranky neighbors....

That's about all the expert amateur advice I can give you for now.
It will be great to hear more new sound things from you!
Your Fiend, SCB

Henry Baum said...

Both happy and sad, mostly happy. Guess you and I are the only ones listening to this stuff. By atmospheric I meant adding more stuff than 2 guitars, 2 vocals, etc. You do it very well on yer new songs. The more I add, the more muddled it sounds. Recording to zip disk isn't that much better than recording to cassette tape.

Anonymous said...

I love the song and it made me want to cry.

Sweet Tea said...

Wow. Bewitchingly beautiful!

Henry Baum said...

Thanks, Sweet Tea. I was addicted to sweet tea when I lived in NC. Can't find it anywhere out of the South.

Sweet Tea said...

Sweet tea has been my one and only addiction. It's delicious and comforting - I would be a wreck without it.

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