November 7, 2005

John Fowles

John Fowles died. I recommend The Collector.

John Fowles

A stalker novel that was recommended to me and I read after I wrote my own stalker novel. The Collector is better. Other novels of his like The Magus or A Maggot are way over my head.

In other stalker news, Lindsay Lohan and Jared "I wanted to destroy something beautiful" Leto are starring in a movie about Mark David Chapman’s life. Doesn’t seem right. But that might be only because my stalker novel is based on Chapman. Still, I don’t think this is only jealousy at work. I don't trust Jared Leto after Requiem for a Dream. The Collector, on the other hand, is a good movie with Terrence "General Zod" Stamp. Don't know what Selby or Fowles thought of those movies.


Benny said...

I'm so put out by Fowles dying. My favorite is _The Magus_, but I'd just started reading _The Collector_ in bed each night because I couldn't believe I'd call myself a John Fowles fan and not read his first book.

And all these Anthony Burgess biography reviews are making me sad he's dead, too. I think when Updike goes it will be the last straw. I'll lock myself in my room and not come out for an entire semester.


Philofaxer said...

I didn't know anything about John Fowles, but I read his obituary today. Really interesting man with what sound like really interesting books. I'll have to give one a try. (Nothing like death to attract new readers.)

Wong PoKér Hu said...

Great writer. I enjoyed The French Lieutenant's Woman. Good movie.

Jenny D said...

Yeah, I have been having the exact same Burgess-Fowles thing, makes me sad.

gaijin said...

selby jr. liked requiem, he has an interview on the dvd extras. i must read john fowles now, whom i've never picked up. you believe that?

exley said...

Had an ex g/f whose favorite novel of all time was The Collector. I absolutely loved the first half, but kind of struggled through the second half where the girl talks. But still, given the time period it came out it must have been quite disturbing.

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