November 17, 2005

A Life in Letters


Reading: Fitzgerald’s letters, bought for two dollars, like new, in the music haul. Actually, trying to read it to will myself out of the place I’ve been for the past couple months. A confession: I have been a mess these past few months. Getting fired, waiting for the book to be released, watching more TV than reading.

Haven’t been able to pick up a book. I go through these phases. Only want to read a book if it’s a revelation. Only a few books have hit me that way--but I want that fix again. Hoping the Fitzgerald letters will take that place and wake me back up. Great so far.

I am applying to graduate school at the Stanford writing program. Sort of flies in the face of my plan to become a rock star but I guess that’ll have to wait. Need some way to help support my family. They give you $20,000 and maybe I’ll be able to get teaching jobs in the future. The likelihood that I get accepted is slim. Plan #6459 has begun.


Empty Drum said...

That Stegner Fellowship looks exciting. Do you have to submit a ton of your work for consideration? Or just one carefully chosen piece?

Henry Baum said...

I have to submit two stories or a story and a novel excerpt. The cool thing is that I don't have to submit undergrad transcripts, which suck, and wouldn't be easy to track down. Also, I don't need to submit recommendations upfront. I'm not sure who to ask for a recommendation.

Empty Drum said...

Maybe some of your fellow Soft Skull alumni?

Henry Baum said...

It's been a long time. You wanna write one? Or anyone who comes to this blog? No, I'm not kidding.

Empty Drum said...

I recommend thee!

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