November 4, 2005

Laming Flips

fearless freaks

It’s been rockumentary time in the Baum household. A great one, I recommend it, if you like the Flaming Lips. The Flaming Lips rule so it was good to watch. Sort of like pro-Flaming Lips propaganda. Actually, it was kind of profound to see a documentary about current heroes rather than a movie about Bob Dylan or the Beatles who seem almost like fictional characters. I've spent a lot of time believing all good things are in the past. Made me want to be a rock star again, or at least to play out live. I’ve got to do something about this.

By the way, best heavy metal record: "Peace Sells But Who’s Buying" by Megadeth.

peace sells

I’ve seen Megadeth live twice, one time opening up for Motorhead. At the Motorhead show, I was short and couldn’t see much. Some huge, biker-type guy picked me up and put me on his shoulders so I could see. That was rocking. After the Megadeth show we went to the gas station across from the Santa Monica Civic and Megadeth were there with their heavy metal girlfriends buying beer and cigarettes. That was also rocking.


gaijin said...

i should have been a rock star. but it's too late for me now.

and i don't know
where the sunbeams end
and the starlight begins
it's all a mystery
and i don't know
how a man decides
what is right for his own life
it's all a mystery

Henry Baum said...

Never too late, or I'm doomed.

Benny said...

I love the Laming Flips. They kill me. I was at a club a few weekends ago and during one intermission the band put up the "She Don't Use Jelly" video and I was instantly transported back to a time when... I was still doing book reports about seahorses in elementary school. But anyway.

On Motorhead: they played in Cardiff a few days ago, and my man called me later that night to tell me about how he stood outside their bus trying to catch a glimpse Lemmy, but that he was lots older than the other little boys hanging around, and he wasn't drunk, and he wasn't wearing the right gear, so he stood out an uncomfortable lot.

Thanks for the musicspeak, H. Baum!

Philofaxer said...

I was never a big Metal guy, but I always did appreciate Megadeth and Metallica as two earnest outfits that made quality music.

As for the Flips, they are one of those bands that somehow slipped by without my ever getting into them. Same thing happened with Beck. I've always had a pretty insular view of music: I have the bands that I really, really like, and that's all I listen to.

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