November 12, 2005

Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend has a blog. It’s been around a few months but I’m just coming to it:

The Boy Who Heard Music


Benny said...

No freaking way!! This is the best prize at the bottom of a cereal box I've seen in a loooong time!


Empty Drum said...

Townshend is not only a blogger, he's also responsible for a lot of groundbreaking music. The following pieces in particular are noteworthy:

* "Love Reign O'er Me", 7-Up (199?)

* "Bargain", Nissan (200?)

* "Overture" from Tommy, Claritin

* "Happy Jack", Hummer (2003)

* "Baba O'Riley", Hewlett-Packard (2004)

* "I Can See for Miles", Sylvania "Silverstar" headlights (2005)

* "I'm Free", Saab

(list stolen from

Henry Baum said...


Empty Drum said...

I'll see your yeesh and raise you a dang!

Benny said...

So maybe the man's got unpaid bills we don't know about. If the Cure and Sam Beam are doing it...

Empty Drum said...

I'm just bitter because nobody likes my music.

Except for Henry, and now I've alienated him too by dissing Mr. Townshend.

It's enough to "make a man start wearing his socks on the outsides of his shoes".

Natalia said...

*squealing, etc*

Empty Drum said...

I gets the goosebumps when you squeal!

breakdown said...

how do you know it is Pete Townsend? I can't see his profile and only one post?

Am I wrong?
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