November 22, 2005

More Music and Books

I love the Beverly Hills library. Got more music. Steve Malkmus’ new record, "Face the Truth," good, Modest Mouse, "Building Nothing out of Something," also good, Brian Eno, "Another Green World," yes good, Sam Prekop, not as good as Sea and Cake. Been in a more musical mood. Recorded the "overture" to the indie rock opera. Pretty bombastic but I’ve been enjoying its bombast. I’ll put it up after I mix it. Also got a stack of kids’ books for Olivia. She loves it there. A great place to go with her. She rules.

Reading Lorrie Moore, for the first time. More proof that I have been culturally out of it. It’s OK. Kind of mild, with good one-liners. There’s a reason it hasn’t been thrust in my face over the years, "You have to read this"--it never loses its mind. But maybe I’m being premature.

Still waiting for the book to be done. I finally had the book cover designed by a designer, for not too much money. It’s taking them a while. Anything over three seconds is too long. But at least the book will look like an actual novel and not sad crap. I’ve got an increasingly infertile mind waiting for this to finally be done. I want to write "The End" on this project already and put it behind me. It’s out of my control, which is a hated feeling.

I’m an internet addict. I’ve been checking my email incessantly to see if the book cover has come in. I’ve been dealing with the ridiculous subject of license plate fonts. For a time the title plate looked like this, which isn’t quite accurate:

New North_of_Sunset

Looks a lot better, but still not right. I’m a demented perfectionist and probably getting on the designer’s nerves, and I might even be wrong. There's no commercially available font for a California license plate. I went to and found images of each letter…my head has been swimming in fonts and images for the book cover.

Not much more to say. This is where my mind’s at.


Benny said...

"Another Green World" is one of my all-time favorite albums. "I'll Come Running" is one of my all-time favorite songs. It's also one of the most romantic. Ever.

Good choice.

Empty Drum said...

Do the letters on that license plate look a little...crooked to you?

Empty Drum said...

Got the Todd Rundgren album (inferior mp3 download version anyhow) on your recommendation. It's amazing! So weird and wonderful. I can't believe we weren't on to this back in the Montag Era...Thanks for the heads up :)

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