April 13, 2005

Review 2

Another review from Splendid E-zine, this time of my novel. Splendid is a good place to get a review if you’re sub-independent.

Not the greatest review. "Boring and confused" comes to mind. But still, better than no mention at all. According to her, I aimed to create the "Sister Carrie of the 21st Century." I guess reviews are designed to make an author sound more important than he is. I’ve never read Sister Carrie. An American Tragedy was all right. I was aiming to create a young adult Lolita.


darling maggot said...

who the fuck is sister carrie?

Henry Baum said...

It's a cross between the Velvet Underground's Sister Ray and Stephen King's Carrie. Also, it's a novel by Theodore Dreiser. He was a social critic so I guess that's all she was getting at.

Anonymous said...

My favorite line from that review:

"Baum has a doctorate in the trappings of loserdom"

What do you say to that? Thank you?


Martha O'Connor said...

Hey, although that review was very difficult to read (and not just because of the small print!), they gave a pretty decent plot encapsulation. It made me want to read your book.
Take care,

Spiral Stairs said...

A doctorate in anything is cool, I guess. I can't imagine what Henry's dissertation topic might have been. Perhaps: "Mullets: A Post-Modern Deconstruction of the Heuristics of Hair."

I've actually read Henry's book, and I can attest to its high quality and enjoyability. It totally occupied me on a cross-country plane trip. I could launch into a review. But I won't, because I am lazy. I liked it.

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