April 12, 2005


I unearthed this review of my CD, "Living Room." Someone recently did a Google search for "Henry Baum living room," which was flattering that someone’s at all curious about it. Then again, there could be an interior decorator named Henry Baum. I clicked on the link and it led me to this review which I’d forgotten about.

An all right review. Again, I’m just glad that someone took the time to think about it. She says that I sound like Kurt Cobain but I’m "easily amused" which is strange because often I think my lyrics are too depressing. Nice that someone could think otherwise. Though she also says my melodies aren’t memorable. No review is perfect.

You might have noticed that I’m writing a lot more about music lately. It goes back to something I wrote in the last post. It’s much easier and faster for me to complete a song right now than it is an entire chapter. Also, music is an unexplored part of myself--on this blog and in my life. I’ve played drums in other people’s bands most of the time, so songwriting has always been second class. If I had a choice between being a famous writer or a famous songwriter, I’d choose a writer first. Questions like that are pretty useless, but that’s my answer. If I could be a famous songwriter, I’d take that too, of course. Most of the time on this blog I write about books I’ve read, the process of writing. But I spend just as much time playing, listening, and thinking about music. I’m glad to be finally going in this direction because it’s like I’m admitting part of myself.


Empty Drum said...

It's a very complimentary review! There's always a squirm factor involved with music criticism, as you pointed out in the Talking Heads post....Lester Bangs was an exception...but yeah, they said some really nice things about your work, and that's gotta feel good. You've worked hard and should be proud of what you've accomplished.

As an added bonus, the reviewer has provided us with a new nickname for you: "Baumy"


Henry Baum said...

Thanks, it was good to get a review even when she's critical. She was dead on about me rushing the songs. I was just glad to finally get them down and I didn't spend much time making unique guitar sounds and the like. I just wanted a document of the song. She could hear it.

Spiral Stairs said...

It is, indeed, a very good review. It must be nice to know that someone took that kind of time to think about, analyze, and write about something you've done.

Aside from red ink on stupid crap I've written for work or for a class, I've not experienced that.

By the way, am I an idiot for not getting the "punny" element of the title of the CD?

Henry Baum said...

It's not the greatest pun in the world, unless I'm missing something myself.

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