April 6, 2005

Travelling Loose Leaf

Song of the day. I don’t actually care if I get a response to these songs anymore. I’ve been really enjoying putting these songs together. This is a throwaway song when I wrote it, but I like how it turned out, though I turned it into a Pixies song. That’s never stopped Arcade Fire from being strangely hugely popular. Actually I’ve only heard one song from them, but the guitar part was a direct rip-off of the Pixies. Maybe other songs sound different. I’m pretty out of it when it comes to new music.

Travelling Loose Leaf

Streets and dirt roads that rhyme like the groves that are growing nowhere.
Streets and dirt groves that rhyme like the roads that are going nowhere.



Empty Drum said...

Ok, so it has Pixies-ish elements; that's no crime. It doesn't come close to crossing the line from "influenced by" to "rip-off of".

And it's an interesting departure from your previous postings, more openly melodramatic and feverish....my ears are smiling.

It's been a hectic week here at the ranch, but I hope to have a couple of new songs up at the Empty Drum, even if it's only you and I that care :)

More please!

Spiral Stairs said...

I still haven't listened to this song, because I'm sitting at sound-free work now and I keep forgetting at home, but there are worse things in the world than sounding like the Pixies.

Sitting on my desk at home is a red Pixies sticker that for months I've been meaning to affix to my car's rear window. And I'm not a big sticker person (though the car does have a Kerry sticker). I'm still kicking myself for not seeing them on the reunion tour. I got into them right after they broke up, so I've never seen them live.

Henry Baum said...

I had another guitar part which was ripped off straight from "Is She Weird" but I took it out. Best Pixies song. Empty Drum, there’s that part at the end of "Melting Away" which I thought sounded like a nod to the Pixies, and not thievery.

Spiral Stairs said...

Funny, Henry: "Is She Weird" is a moderately obscure Pixies song, but it's also one of my favorities. I can't say I understand all the lyrics in their full elliptical glory, but there are some seriously lovely lines in there.

Empty Drum said...

Henry, I realized the guitar thing at the end of meltingaway sounded like a Pixies bit after I had recorded it, but it wasn't conscious or anything. I try to keep the soft LOUD soft LOUDER dynamic to a minimum these days....so the compromise was to leave the level down in the mix so it wasn't too brash...

It's just so much fun making musical noise with the electric guitar, it's hard to resist!

Whatever lameness has been done to the Pixies legacy, they expanded my idea of what is permissable in the context of a pop song. Lots of others have done similarly...

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