April 4, 2005

Opening Day

The Mets played their first game today. Yes, I care about this. And of course it led to another soul-crushing loss--a blown save, walk-off home run, Pedro Martinez doesn’t get the win, etc. The Mets have really sucked in the last couple of years, which can be dispiriting if your life isn’t going so well. It’s been almost cosmic--nothing has gone their way. At the same time I’ve been struggling the most I ever have. It’s ridiculous to equate the two, but when you’re unemployed or struggling with a novel it’s nice to not see failure when you turn on a game. Which doesn’t mean I’ll stop following it. There’s always hope for tomorrow which is the nice thing about baseball.


darling maggot said...

when i ordered digital cable the rep was really enthusiastic about all the new sports packages i could order, probably because he heard a male voice at the other end, and i told him 'fuck all of that sports shit', and then when i was going through what i was getting i was like, 'hey, i get soccer! cool'! i'm sure he thought i was a fag.

Spiral Stairs said...

My interest in baseball is on a serious uptick right now. See, I grew up in Kansas City, which, during my formative years, fielded a number of excellent teams and even won a World Series.

Then the Royals hit the skids and, thanks to the magic of revenue inequality, they will never recover. So I've been kind of adrift for a few years. I couldn't get into either Chicago team during my five years in those environs, and I couldn't get into either New York team during my seven years there.

Then I settled in DC, which had no team. Until now. Enter the Nationals.

I have a Nationals cap and all. I can even name most of the roster. They lost the opener, but, as you say, there's always tomorrow.

Joseph K said...

Ditto, SS, on the Nationals. I've become obsessed. They stink, but I have a soft spot for shitty D.C. teams (it scares me that teh Wizards might make the NBA playoffs).

I am a huge Mets fan because when I lived in NY I couldn't possibly sweat the Yankees. Now, since the Nats are a NL East team, I am torn. Also, the Mets are trying to be good, which sucks.

Empty Drum said...

Baseball is for sissies.

Curling -- now there's a man's game!

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