April 18, 2005


Last night I watched "Don’t Say A Word" on TV, with commercials. This morning I unplugged my TV.


Anonymous said...

re: your comment from indiscretions' site: "And fuck King of Bongo, misogynist."

you reach that conclusion because I did not like her writing????

Are you insane?

Back to watching tv and movies for you, dude.

that's too much.


Henry Baum said...

No, I got that from a post you wrote about being mad at some woman you were visiting because she wouldn’t fuck you. And calling a post about women being raped and abused "drivel." I probably don’t have enough information about you but it’s just a feeling I got.

Everybody else, take a look at Natalia's post at Indiscretions. Depressing and tragic but worth the read.

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