April 27, 2005

Show You

I’m not doing much blogging so in the meantime does everyone know about the power of Kikkoman soy sauce? This is a pretty old internet thing but it needs to be seen. I first found out about this at the King of France links page which has a really good collection of links, and not just cause I’m on it.


Magazine Man said...

I love those commercials!

Speaking of soy sauce, have you seen the news item about soy sauce made from human hair? I first read about it on Warren Ellis' Web site, diepunyhumans.com, so it must be true.

Here's a link to the news story. Yum. http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/0411/1117soysauce.html

Spiral Stairs said...

I'm struggling with whether that was more funny or more disturbing. Was there a hanged cat in the middle of it?

darling maggot said...

my pals and i love the kikkoman cartoon. have you seen http://badgerbadgerbadger.com/ for something even more inane?

TonyGuitar said...

Soy Sauce, adds zip, tastes great, but avoid it. I'm the canary in the mine shaft. Now soy sauce gives me headaches, no, migrains.

So ease off with that MSGG stuff. Oh, and hot chocolate is causing headaches now.

Yes, I am much older now. Does this mean I was a hot chocolate and soy sauce glutton when I was younger or is it just the marcury fillings.

Damn dentists and their exclusive fixed fee setting association anyway.

73s TonyGuitar at bendgovt.blog.ca

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