April 24, 2005


From the library this weekend:

Bruce Jay Friedman- Far From the City of Class
Jean Stafford- The Collected Stories
Peter Taylor- Miss Leonora
R.V. Cassill- Collected Stories

All story collections and all writers who crossed Richard Yates’ life in some way. I can’t actually remember how. I don’t have the headspace right now to work on anything but a short piece. The instant fix of publishing is good too. I need to complete something. I unearthed an old story that I’d abandoned and I’m going to work on it. If I don’t, never come back here.


the last love letter. said...

i need to start reading & writing again. but i can't push myself, i've found. i hope all is well. just to mention your last entry, i'm training to work in childcare, & it's amazing how sterotypical books are. it's sad actually.


Empty Drum said...

One person's stereotype is another person's archetype.
For example: not all bunny rabbits are downhearted workaholics - but the image rings true because within us all there is a sad rabbit laborer.

the last love letter. said...

it's a children's book.

Empty Drum said...

More info can be found ** here **

Where's the beloved mawk stand on this issue?

Henry Baum said...

I admit it, I am narcissistic: Little Jesus Cottontail. "A rabbit with a mascara habit." (empty drum song) Everybody PLEASE VISIT EMPTY DRUM. My favorites: Melting Away and Cookies.

xo., glad to see you're back.

Empty Drum said...

Thank you Henry, for the plug. Everybody get on the empty drum bandwagon now before it loses a wheel!

Soon this horrible school semester will end and I will make some new music....

Good luck with your exhumed short story. I'd be interested to see how you approach the form.

PS I am enjoying North of Sunset

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