April 28, 2005

Things I Noticed

I recently plugged my brother’s name into Google along with his first rock band Love Child. These are the things I do sometimes which might creep out my brother. I found an assessment of the band on Mystical Beast, which is an mp3 blog I go to--though for some reason mp3s now open up as a real player file instead of a separate screen: this annoys me. Anyway, Love Child were pure indie-rock, the Velvet Underground that never were, mixed in with Jonathan Richman and other things…she conveniently has Love Child mp3s up so you can hear. I read Kurt Cobain’s journals when they came out--actually my brother bought it for me for Christmas. In it, he had mix tapes he made and Love Child was featured on a couple of them which was pretty fucking cool.

I gotta disagree with the reviewer that they recorded too many songs. The best thing about their record "Okay?" is that it has 20 some songs on it and they’re all different--some with loud guitars, some weird K records cute with female vocals, other frantic love songs by my brother. It is a strange, sloppy, perfect indie rock record.

So listen and learn about Love Child on Mystical Beast.


Henry Baum said...

Oops, Dana of Mystical Beast is a he, not a she. Sorry for the gender-bending. And the mp3s are gone. But still cool to see.

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