March 31, 2005

Two Old Songs

Two old songs. One of the most devastating things someone said about my CD which came out in 2001 was, "It’s so nineties." And I thought, shit he’s right. It was outdated because most of the songs had been written in 1995 or even earlier but I didn’t get around to recording it until years later. The second half of that guy’s review was the extremely stupid/still deflating, "The eighties are really big in New York right now."

Case in point, these two songs, which no one’s heard until now even though I wrote them when I was around 23, which is going on ten years ago. They’re about the same girl as "Succeed or Fold" who I only went out with for six months. Motor Beds is only about her in part. Long time ago now. The point of putting music up here is to get it all down no matter how dusty.

I think the lyrics to "Be My Wife" are kind of cheesy. I’ve thought about rewriting the lyrics but I’ve gotten used to them and they did come from some place honest. I didn’t know at the time that there’s a David Bowie song called "Be My Wife," from the "Low" record. That’s just how old the song is.


Motor Beds

Be My Wife


Empty Drum said...

Good stuff, man...I think I remember "Be My Wife" from the old days, but "Motor Beds" seemed new (to these ears) and it's my favorite of the two. It's both bouncy and dark (punchline goldmine avoided).
Please don't be discouraged by the low turnout for the musical postings. I don't know why the unhappy/negative subjects draw more interest...But we are at our best when at our most enthusiastic, so do rock on, sir.
As for your equipment problems, they're not a sign of anything except the decreasing value of the material world in the vibrational stock market. Sorry, manic again right now.....

Henry Baum said...

Thanks for that E.D., exactly what I needed to hear. The 0 music comments sometimes makes me lonely. Damn capitalism.

darling maggot said...

maybe in a few years, the 90s will be big in ny and your cd will be a big underground hit and you can be the next nick drake.

(critics who don't break you make you stronger... and then there are dumb ones you should just not pay any attention to.)

Henry Baum said...

I’d like to not have to commit suicide to become sucessful. Someone once told me to buck up about not getting published. "Just look at John Kennedy Toole, it happened for him." That’s not quite the fate I’m looking for. Someone out there will like my songwriting.

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