March 6, 2005


I had a great time this weekend. I went through all my old recordings, cataloging them, figuring out stuff to post here, and unearthing things I don’t remember ever having recorded. Like a 30 second heavy metal instrumental, which you can never have too many of. I am going to post many of the scraps and fragments here, because why the hell not. I’ve got to mix it all down and complete some of the songs. There were a lot of instrumentals--the equivalent of musical doodling, but I like them, and I felt good about myself listening to this stuff made over the past several years, some of it recorded during my two years in North Carolina.

I always had this vision that I’d, you know, make some friends and play some of the stuff for them and they’d say, "Wow, that’s cool," and I’d feel good. Maybe I was envisioning myself posting stuff in this place, where I can post anything I want. It was an ego boost to hear that I’ve been productive when I always feel like I’m not doing nearly enough.

Until I get it mixed, I’ll post another song from the CD. I don’t know if anyone ever clicks on the "CD" link in the upper right where you can hear long snippets of the songs. I like this slow song. Might make you sleepy. I like the lyrics, an ode to insomnia and agoraphobia. Just so you know that I don’t always write sensitive folk-type songs like the last song I posted. Always moody though.

P.S. Thanks a lot to Mousemusings for the mention about Succeed or Fold.

Hear and read:


Does the sun arise at night?
or is it just that I've lost my mind
among keys, and dust, and pens
that are out of ink but write in light
that I see up in the sky
when I awake in the morning night
then I pray and make amends
to the apartment that keeps me dry

Now let's take a step outside
wear your raincoat cause it's wet with sight
and all the people on their minds
a raining crowd of progressive spies
in the park the mass alive
in the bars under blankets of eyes
watch me walk out wearing hide
to the apartment that keeps me dry


Cyndy said...

You're welcome. Watching what you're doing and listening to your music brings good memories and a few tears. When Craig discovered that he could put his music online it was just the beginning to a huge burst of creativity. It was so much fun to do. Now his music is still here even though he isn't.
Guess I should be thinkin' about an ipod.

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