March 31, 2005

The Ladybug


Good news: When I was walking back from daycare with my daughter the other day we discovered a ladybug crawling on the driveway. I let it walk onto my hand and I showed it to her. Later that night she drew this picture: the first real picture of me and the first scene she’d remembered. She called it "Daddy and the Ladybug." It’s another record cover in the making.

Bad news: I was all set to upload two old, old songs--something a bit more straightforward than the last one I put up. The server keeps telling me, "Unknown Connection Error." It’s been one problem after another. Tell me this isn’t weird. I wonder at what point I should just give up. Or, rather, give in. It’s better to believe that my equipment is trying to tell me something than it’s arbitrary bad luck. Maybe I'll put all my efforts into fiction.


Henry Baum said...

I'm dumb. I fixed the problem. I think I'll leave the post up as proof that I panic too soon.

Spiral Stairs said...

That picture rocks, and would make a truly outstanding album cover. In fact, "Daddy and the Ladybug" wouldn't be a bad album title.

Magazine Man said...

I LOVE that both Daddy and the ladybug have a little hair squiggle. Excellent work, that is...

Joseph K said...

Your "daughter's" picture is nice. (keep at it, Henry, you're getting better).

darling maggot said...

i'm sorry to hear, henry, that you are a disembodied head attached to two spindly legs with round feet. and here i go on and on sometimes, bitching about my problems on my blog when there you were, being so quiet and brave all along.

you put us all to shame, man.

you put us all to shame.

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