March 17, 2005


All right, screw this. I like writing here. I just have to train myself so it doesn’t matter so much. The man takes things too seriously again. You have to take writing seriously in order to write an entire novel, but I shouldn’t have to give up something I’m enjoying. Not justification--I’m hoping. I’ve made some good progress on the book. I’ve made a point of working on the book at night, after my daughter goes to bed. If I get at least a page done a day, I’ll be satisfied by the end of the year. If I duck out again, you’ll know why.

I think I just needed a vacation from blogging, or at least the knowledge that I could take one if I wanted to. I was feeling tethered/shackled to the thing. I can put up one post a week if I feel like it--without making a big show about it, there’s no obligation. A blinding glimpse of the obvious. I’ve never been very good about keeping a journal and I’ve always regretted it. Just the thought of having an audience gets me writing here.

Maybe this blog will become something else. The journal of a novel, rather than the journal of a writer. Whatever it is, I don’t want to end it.


Spiral Stairs said...

Ahh... Henry's back. Your blog is way too good to be "abandoned." At a minimum, blogging helps keep the writing muscles warm and stretched, so when you sit down to write your nightly page, it won't be like jumping out of bed and straight into a 5K race.

I'm having struggles of my own about blogging; but it's not about trying to take a vacation. It's about trying not to take a vacation. Still trying to figure out exactly what I want to be saying when I blog, I guess.

Henry Baum said...

Thanks for the welcome back. My dad told me that he used to read Saul Bellow before he sat down to work to get geared up. I think it would depress me to start off that way. This blog is good exercise. Me, I’d like to see a blog with the more personal side of Spiral Stairs.

Henry Baum said...

...and then I read today's post. More fetishes.

Magazine Man said...

Hey, look who's back!

Admit it: you missed us.

But I admire your honesty and think it's good to take a break now and then. Glad you did, but even gladder you came back. Blogging is good exercise, but you gotta keep it in balance. Not that I am right now, but it's good that someone can...

Batonga said...

I have a hard enough time, imagining to write a novel and blogging, much less the actual practice of both. Congrats on the discipline.

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