March 2, 2005


At the request of Darling Maggot, I want to mention some of the regulars here. I was actually thinking of doing this anyway, which is the strange thing about the Internet. Think about something and sometimes it happens.

Darling Maggot’s Lithium Journals: Nice new template which has no threat of crashing and is easy to read. It’s also easy to read because the writing’s good.

Banality Fair: My daily check for nice guy sarcastic bastards. But where’s Spiral Stairs?

Somewhere on the Masthead: Incredibly engaging writing. I’m on a daily quest to find out his secret identity, i.e. what "world-famous" magazine he works for. My guess is Rolling Stone or GQ or Juggs.

Headaches are Underrated: Don’t visit her site because it makes her nervous. It started rough with some political arguing but she keeps coming back, amazingly. A real nice personal, poetic site.

Empty Drum: His blog just started and he doesn’t update enough. But wait for the music. He is my songwriting mentor and other kinds of mentor. We lived in NYC together, played in a rock band, and…

Light Reading: Buy Jenny Davidson’s books. She helped me out with a publisher and she’s got a good blog which is smarter than me.

Indiscretions: She’s the smartest college student I’ve ever read.

Seeds of a Madness Flower: Billy’s been coming here the longest. Literally, he commented on the very first post, which got me thinking that maybe people would actually read this blog. Best blog title.

Damn, that's an impressive list of people. I’m sorry if I’ve left anyone out, and I have. We should have a party and meet each other, but that might be really awkward.


tequilita said...

thanks for the hospitality, henry! i can't remember what we started out arguing about.

Magazine Man said...

What a treat, and what a compliment! You completely made my day. Frankly, so do your comments over at my place. No one else puts the philosophical spin on my dumb-ass stories the way you do!

Okay, okay, it IS Juggs! How did you ever guess?

RuKsaK said...

Some great blogs there that I didn't know about - have linked a couple of them. Thanks.

Joseph K said...

Thanks for the compliment, dude. Both Spiral Stairs and I have been travelling for work this week. He's in Vegas (lucky son-of-a...) and I just got back from LA, finding new ways to end up in the wrong parts of downtown LA. The upside is that now I know where to score some cheap meth and $2 packs of cigarettes.

Ariel said...

Sweet. I came here via Kimberly's site, and I'm liking the looks of your place.

Natalia said...

Oh come on, I'm a dumbass, I just a great actress at heart. But thank you. ;) You're sweet.

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