March 3, 2005

Kitchen Studio

I‘m thinking about posting music here. I’d welcome any suggestions about how to host music files so I can make a blog post out of one of my songs. Basically, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Recording’s been few and far between these days and I think posting new music will get me recording like this blog has gotten me writing. I have a digital 8-track studio set up in my kitchen closet and a number of unfinished songs. Mainly I get held up on writing lyrics which sometimes feels like a chore, for some reason. I want people to finally hear the songs and I don’t have any great hope of starting a four-piece rock band. I mainly talk about fiction reading and writing here but songwriting is a large part of my life.


Spiral Stairs said...

Where do you keep your food? In a stereo cabinet?

Thanks for the mention of BF on the prior post. I am back from my un-connected travels.

As long as I am typing: I read "Demons" by John Shirley on this trip, based on your description/review of the book. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though some of the dialogue, and some of the plot points, were a little too Dungeons-and-Dragonsy for me. But I'm increasingly attracted to writers who just have balls-out, fearless plots, as I struggle with coming up with some of my own. He's got no fear of making things happen.

Oscar Caliber Gun is up next, buster. It's sitting in a thus-far unopened box at my wife's office, which she should be bringing to me tonight. (The box. Not the office.)

Henry Baum said...

Hmmn. OCG. Think Jim Thompson and Charles Bukowski and "Taxi Driver." That's where I was coming from. Not to color your reading of it or anything.

Billy said...

i dig that. i am a lyricist too. i have written hundreds of songs. these days you dont need other people to make good music. you can do it on ya own. basically you would want to convert your songs into mp3 once they're done. much smaller format without too much loss of would have to find a hosting place that will host songs. google for some. good luck.

Henry Baum said...

Got myself ahold of itunes to convert my cd songs to mp3's. I found out that people use to host mp3's. Except I can't figure out how to make an mp3 link using the site. If anyone out there does, please let me know.

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