March 1, 2005


Yesterday, I sent out a mass e-mailing to tell people about the site. If YOU didn’t receive one, it’s cause you already know about the site. I sent it out to a bunch of people from long ago who probably don’t remember me and don’t know why the hell I have their e-mail address. Mostly, I did it to get a brief spike in traffic, which I Need.

I got a reply from Matthew Rose of Paris, France who asked me to alert people to his artwork. We know each other in passing. Once we belonged to the same writing site which lasted for about five minutes--set up by my roommate in Paris who’s a web designer. If you can picture my life in Paris: imagine a bitter, awkward type living with a Casanova who brings home girls with astounding ease. This was my life, partly. Going from bar to bar, drinking large amounts of pastis and rum punch and wine, my roommate bringing home new heart-breaking European girls every night, me frustrated and putting it into a book. Not quite the vision of a dashing writer taking Paris by storm. Anyway, check out Matthew Rose:

Art of Matthew Rose


darling maggot said...

there are no 'dashing writers' taking paris by storm, just drunk ones. i think you should tell your network of people to visit my site, too. share the love, henry.

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