March 25, 2005

Good Parents


Despite exposing our daughter to deranged clowns, we’re still good parents. We just got her the complete set of "Yellow Submarine" toys. She’s a "Yellow Submarine" freak. Amazon has these toys on sale for 50% off. All this was only around $25.

And then I found out there are others.

On another note, the world hates me. I set out to record some new music only to find out that my CD burner has a terrible hiss. I don’t know where it’s coming from. Mysterious timing just as I started this online project. More ghosts are out to get me. I’m only partly kidding. I had a great time working on a song but for the moment I can't mix anything down. I could take this as a sign, but I won't.

Also, I lost my keys. And I’m sick. But the toys are nice.


Spiral Stairs said...

Wait a second. Let me get this straight. If I have a child, I can buy super-cool things like this, and claim with a straight face that I have done so for the child's benefit?

What a scam! This is great!

Do these so-called "children" drink expensive liquor and drive expensive cars too? Because this idea could really go places.

Henry Baum said...

You're right about that. We also bought her a set of Teletubbies shot glasses.

Magazine Man said...

Teletubbies shot glasses? That would be funny. Then they'd have to have their own drink recipes too:

"Bartender, gimme a Tinky Winky on the rocks!"

Henry Baum said...

Right. And then you could raise a glass and give a Tubby Toast. I'll stop, I'm getting kind of queasy.

Movies, Music Reviews said...

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RuKsaK said...

I gotta get myself some of those wonderful toys.

darling maggot said...

i have a tinky winky comforter and a teletubbies fridge magnet. all gifts from deranged friends. i love the yellow submarine figurines. have you seen the recent 'modern man' figures?

Sabrina_C said...

i have those. i also have the island of misfit toys--toys. i really dig that elephant with pink polk-a-dots. meow.

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