March 7, 2005

Day of Protest

At the request of my wife, Samantha, here’s the song called "Day of Protest." I think the lyrics are a little bit too self-pitying, even for me. And it’s too Cobain-esque, but anyway. It’s all right too. Posting music here has been a beautiful thing so far, ominously good, like steam has been let out of my head and the future likes me. I get to combine both writing and songwriting. What a great medium blogging is. I’m writing the stuff that I might say in an interview if I was in an actual band. I’m going to post some fragments I’ve recorded which would end up on a box set or on the extended tracks of a famous record. But I can do it right here myself. Presumptuous maybe, but no more presumptuous than anything I’ve written so far. No one has to listen or read but it’s nice to have the option.

I’m going to make this the last one for a little while. There’s enough now to listen to. Here’s Day of Protest.


palmettobug said...

Hey, I got a copy of your cd from cdbaby. Very prompt service. Very good cd.

Henry Baum said...

Hey, palmetto, thanks for buying the CD. I should have thanked you back then. You're the best customer: 2 copies. Glad to see you back here. I've been wondering about you.

Anonymous said...

Cool song. I really like the chorus. Stuck in my head, of course.

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