March 4, 2005

Succeed or Fold

Holy shit, I actually figured out how to post music. Partially I am inept, and partially they don’t make it so easy. Sorry to those people I hounded asking for help. You’re all linked in the new "Music" section if it’s any consolation. Thanks to Mystical Beast who actually wrote me back. I didn’t know about the whole mp3 blog world and I like it. This is a great venue for people to finally hear the songs I've written. I've been keeping it private for too long. Five people is better than no people at all. Don’t know what the old reading regulars will think of my songwriting. It comes from a different wing of my mind.

I thought I’d start with a song from the CD I released, unfortunately named H. Baum. Actually, I always wanted the name "Ash Tree" to be for my imaginary future rock band. Hasn’t happened and this is the next best thing. I recorded that CD five years ago. Many of the songs were written five years before that. I played everything on the CD, including programming the drum machine, which is the small square thing you can see in the studio picture. That picture shows everything I used to record the CD, except for an acoustic guitar.

This song’s about my ex-girlfriend. You know who you are. Really, I doubt she’s ever read this blog. I haven’t seen her in years. She’s now married to an indie rock star.

So, here’s to the new phase of Ash Tree. I’m really excited about this.

Succeed or Fold


Magazine Man said...

So I've just hooked up one of these media/entertainment PCs, where you can use the hard drive like a TiVO and surf from your TV and stuff. And I'm screwing around with the music player and trying to get it to play the music files on my other hard drive, and all of a sudden I hear this song coming through every speaker in the house. I'm like, who IS this? Then I realize your blog is open on another window on the desktop and somehow I started the song without knowing it.'s good sonic wallpaper (and I mean that in the best possible way). I'm jealous. The only thing I can play is the radio...

Of course, now I can't get the damn song out of my head. If I put it on my iPod will I have to pay you a nickel every time I listen to it, or can I just buy your novel off Amazon and we'll call it even?

Let's hear some more!!

Henry Baum said...

Man, thanks for even thinking of putting the song on an Ipod. I’ve sold exactly five of my CDs from CD, two to strangers. I’m just glad to have people hear it any way possible.

Cyndy said...

Thanks for sharing. I like it! I'm glad you were able to get the blogging and hosting details worked through. I'm guessing you'll have some new music polished sooner than you think. I hope you share more, and often.

will said...

wow!...refreshing...i really enjoyed that! sitting here at work on a sunday morning (not for long) that was quite a surprise...i love suprises like that.
definitely saving that to my collection...i'm always into comparisons to what i know - kind of a david byrne blend with red house painters (i don't own any but i heard it at a friends house) with a very basic sound (i mean that in a good way)...going to check out the rest of the stuff now! (by the way - got here via the headaches blog)

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